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To achieve satisfactory powder coating results, you need to know what to watch out for and what mistakes to avoid. Below we present the 7 most common problems that you may encounter in your powder coating workshop.

1. Pollution in the workshop

Powder coating – one of the most common problems in the powder coating process is the difficulty in keeping the paint shop clean. Both the powder cabin, as well as the oven and equipment used to prepare the surface for the painting process cause air movement in the painting room. To prevent contamination from spreading and affecting the quality of the powder coating, the floor should be wet mopped on an ongoing basis and the interior of the paint shop should be kept tidy.

2. Inadequately prepared surface

To ensure that the powder-coated surface looks aesthetically pleasing and is highly resistant to corrosion, it must be prepared in advance. If this is neglected and the coating is prepared not in accordance with the standards, the painted coating will be of poor quality.

3. Improperly cured coating

The coating should be hardened in accordance with the recommendations on the label of powder coat manufacturer. To avoid defects, it is necessary to systematically check the temperature parameters of the oven.

4. Careless transport

Problems with painted parts and wheels often arise during transport. Simple inattention is enough to scratch the coating, which may be impossible to repair in many cases. Therefore, it is recommended to transport the parts carefully and secure them appropriately.

5. Inadequate maintenance of coatings

Some coatings, e.g. metallic ones, may be very sensitive to touch and discolour even after gentle care. It is therefore recommended to use special agents for washing and cleaning them.

6. Errors in the application

Improper equipment, uncleaned hangers, inadequate grounding – all these negligences can lead to a drastic reduction in the quality of coatings. To prevent them, it is advisable to equip yourself with appropriate application devices and periodically check the above. parameters.

7. Lack of experience

Most problems that arise during the powder coating process result from the lack of experience. This is why it is best to use the services of professional powder coating workshops.

Problems solved

We offer solutions to avoid the common issues with powder coating. Our on site training will allow you to learn how to refurbish alloy wheels using the best possible ways and techniques.

As a part of the course you will learn:

  • Health and Safety briefing.
  • Alloy wheel paint mixing and colour identification training.
  • Explanation on the equipment used for alloy wheel repairs.
  • Cleaning and preparation of wheels to be painted.
  • Preparation of wheels for filling, priming, and colour.
  • Setting up spray guns for correct application.
  • Application of the colour coats and clearcoat.
  • Recap and questions and answers.